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CRM_InnoNet, a raw material related networking project


ENSOCIO-LAC would like to introduce the raw material related networking project: CRM_InnoNet

ENSOCIO-LAC would like to introduce a raw material related networking project: CRM_InnoNet (Critical Raw Materials Innovation Network) that aims to drive innovation and influence policy in the field of substitution of critical raw materials for the benefit of EU industry (financed under the European Union's seventh Framewrok Programme).

Project objectives:

  • Mapping of critical raw material substitution initiatives: CRM_InnoNet will carry out a ‘top down’ sector-based approach to identify potential bottlenecks in the raw materials value chain and a ‘bottom up’ raw materials-based approach, including mapping of on-going initiatives in the field of substitution of critical raw materials at the EU and Member States level.
  • Prioritisation methodology: CRM_InnoNet will develop a methodology to establish clear criteria for the prioritisation of applications which are at ‘threat’ due to resource scarcity and identify opportunities for technological and non-technological development in the field of substitution of critical raw materials.
  • Substitution Roadmap: CRM_InnoNet will propose a roadmap for the substitution of critical raw materials in five key applications. This roadmap will be available in October 2014.
  • Innovation Network: The Innovation Network will constitute a dynamic, open and proactive platform for the entire stakeholder community.
  • Policy Recommendations: CRM_InnoNet will prepare recommendations, future initiative ideas and suggested actions for policy makers

See http://www.criticalrawmaterials.eu/ for more information.


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