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ENSOCIO represented at the ALCUE NET Thematic Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change


ENSOCIO was represented at the ALCUE NET – Latin America, Caribbean and European Union, Thematic Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change March 4-6, 2014 – Santa Marta Colciencias, Bogotá, Colombia / IRD, Marseille, France

This workshop aimed at exploring and identifying key topics addressing climate change and biodiversity as societal challenges. The workshop was designed to integrate both scientific experts and stakeholders to share their knowledge and skills  addressing biodiversity and climate change challenges. The workshop resulted in identifying priority topics in this field so that a consensus could be reached and future cooperation well focused. The workshop outputs will serve as a basis to formulate a concept note to be used as input for SOM recommendations The concept note will be sent to the JIRI (The Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation defined on the 2010 Madrid Summit Action Plan) so that it can be developed into a joint call. It may also be used as input for SOM recommendations in early April 2014.

Addressing societal challenges through action in biodiversity and climate change thematic priority of the JIRI allows identification and development of activities in this field. Specific objectives include:

  • Assessing the bi-regional STI cooperation on biodiversity and climate change,
  • Strengthening STI cooperation in the field of biodiversity and climate change by identifying conditions and opportunities for joint activities and funding instruments;
  • Helping to improve the conditions for bi-regional cooperation in biodiversity and climate change, through the promotion of information, sharing experiences and good practices and encouragement of innovation initiatives.

The workshop started on Tuesday, 4th March, with an overview of the EULAC science technology and innovation (STI) cooperation landscape, followed by a presentation of the ENSOCIO-LA project and in the afternoon by presentations on biodiversity and climate change breakthroughs. Both scientific and stakeholders issues were addressed by highlighting specific networks, initiatives and key research challenges. On Wednesday, 5 March, in order to facilitate the discussion, working sessions focused on three types of ecosystems (Andean, Amazon and coastal ecosystems). The outcomes of the working sessions were considered as important elements for the formulation of common priority topics on biodiversity and climate change.

Finally, a session dedicated to the SOM (Senior Official Meeting) working group on biodiversity and climate change was be organized on Thursday, 6th March to discuss the next steps in the cooperation and the preparation of the SOM meeting to be held in Costa Rica in April 2014. Through the SOM decision making process, priority topics would be submitted to the ERA Net LAC to form the basis for a joint call for proposals, and more globally to integrate joint research agendas, and national priorities and policies in both regions.


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