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Cancun Event - Additional Info


Located on the southeast coast of Mexico, Cancun is in the state of Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula. Nearby hot spots include Cozumel and Playa del Carmen.


Cancun offers a wide variety of activities ranging from water sports like jet skiing and parasailing on the beach, to bar hopping in the Hotel District. Local attractions include Xcaret, an ecological theme park, and Delphinus, a 'swimming with the dolphins' experience.


Cancun boasts excellent weather year-round. The temperature ranges from 20° to 30° C (68° to 86° F) from October through to March and from 22° to 33° C (75° a 91° F) from April to September. May and June are usually the hottest months with both high humidity and rainfall.


Cancun Airport handles the second largest volume of traffic in Mexico therefore the security levels are very high. Since they have built the new terminal, Cancun airport can boast great modern facilities and equipment. There are some fabulous duty free shops and gift shops selling silver jewellery and souvenirs so you can always buy that last minute present for your loved ones.


It is very easy and cheap to get around Cancun by bus. You can catch a bus to most places within Cancun and there is a bus every hour from Cancun Airport to Downtown Cancun. From the Cancun bus terminal in downtown Cancun you will find regular services to all parts of Mexico. You can always find a taxi in Cancun, but make sure you check the fare before you get in. A list of regular fares can be found in the lobby of most hotels or please ask the concierge.

Money Tips

The official currency in Cancun is the Mexican peso but American dollars are also widely accepted. Banks are open Monday-Friday from 9am to 4pm but there are exchange houses found all over Cancun that are open much later. Beware that not everyone will accept payment by credit cards. You will also find ATMs at every bank, in or near many supermarkets, in shopping malls, grocery stores and occasionally in hotel lobbies.


Cab drivers do not expect to be tipped. Tipping hotel staff and room service is considered generous and polite. Tipping is expected in restaurants, nightclubs, and bars.The average tip for service is 10-15% and one or two dollars per suitcase carried. Always check your bill first as tips may already be included. 

Time Zone

Cancun time zone is six hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Daylight Saving Time begins on the first Sunday in April and ends on the last Sunday in October.

people still speak Mayan as their first language and Spanish as their second, you will often hear them speaking Mayan amongst themselves.


The standard Cancun electricity supply is 110 volts. Hotels usually offer voltage converters for 220 volt devices. Many sockets do not accept polarized or three-prong plugs so it is recommended that you bring your own adapter but you can usually buy these in the hotel shop.


Cancun telecommunications are modern and up to date. All the main tourist areas have facilities such as fax and internet services and you will find wireless internet access in most hotels and also in many restaurants and cafes. 

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